Many of you may have already heard about the dismal olive harvest in California this year, however, if not we would like to bring you up to date.

In February 2018, we had some extremely warm weather that signaled to the olive trees it was time to bloom, albeit a bit too early, followed by some very cold and wet weather in March. The combination of these two climactic anomalies damaged the flowers, resulting in an extremely light fruit set throughout the state. For GORVE 45, this phenomenon meant literally NO fruit set in our proprietary groves or the smaller ones from which we source. Sadly, there was not even enough fruit to warrant harvesting.

We realized mid spring that we needed to find oil from alternative sources, yet soon discovered this olive oil shortage has affected the entire state , especially boutique producers. After many long hours, numerous telephone conversations, mill visits, and tastings we were very discouraged as we realized we would not be able to find Tuscan oil with a similar flavor profile to GROVE 45. Our sole desire was to find something special to put in our bottle for 2019 so that our customers would not be disappointed.

Fortunately, we happened across some exquisite Coratina EVOO produced just east of our own groves. We hope you will be as excited as we are about this exclusive “one time” bottling of something unique, an offering that echoes the flavor profile of our Italian field blend and meets our uncompromising standards. This special release GROVE 45 is balanced, delicious and has that little “kick” on the finish that is always associated with our oil. We know you will enjoy this carefully selected, special EVOO on all of your favorite foods.

We will notify you just as soon as the oil is bottled and ready for shipping.

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